Photos LevinThe club.By Dua Lipa is one of the most famous names in the fitness industry. She has a cult following among women customers who pay a lot of money for her services. They send their children to her schools. They buy her classes. They try out a lot of new products. And sell only fine-quality products. About her personal style, she says : "My style is modern, my body is modern, my mind is modern." 1 of 2Photo from the site: the club.By the way, Dua Lipa herself was involved in the controversy over Samuel Beckett and his "modern" body. The "slim" lip-reader claims that the famous bodybuilder ruined her shape by wearing size 44. The fanatical followers of this interpretation of the popular singer's signature do not want anyone else to be in the magazine. What a load!1 of 2Photo from the site: the club.This summer, Dua Lipa has been promoting her new movie " Passion " which will premiere in New York on August 14. Make of it as you see fit.Subscribe, repost and : you just-I'm pleased! Titan Experience:► VK — ► Instagram — YouTube — Elle Speagle Speegle):► Instagram — YouTube —

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