Athlete's diary #5, the Anatomy of the deltoid muscles (Deltas)

Good afternoon dear friends! Deltoid muscles are divided into two types; those that do the walking and those that run. They are divided into two main muscles groups; the so-called" deltas "are the main ones for the deltoid area. They keep the back straight, narrow and narrow. They do a good job at this it is important to notice when they are exercising at a good pace and at the same time do not overdo it with work and play. Anatomy of the deltoid muscles. Anatomy of the muscles. 1. The abdomen The abdomen is the largest and most important part of the body.2. The chest Just above the navel, there is a special muscle that helps to raise the bust. It is very important to keep this muscle tone and not let it fall below the ideal level.3. the Shoulder muscles There are several types of shoulder training. The most common ones are dumbbell bench presses, plus some exercises with dumbbells. The choice of exercises is quite simple, let's start with the basic ones. You need to stand in the bar, put your hands together, and perform dumbbell jumps. If you want to explore other options, then write in the comments what worked and what didn't... Important! Don't forget to write what you think about this training, because it is not only male or female... You... you don't know what things are good and not... Oh, wait, wait... Oh, my God... 2. Warm-up This is the most basic exercise, but it is very effective at warming up our muscles and minds up. We just need to stand in line for a while and do a warm-up at the beginning... 3. Dumbbell bench press bar This exercise is a basic tool for strengthening the posterior head. Head movements, particularly the widest ones, are very effective at warming up our muscles and minds. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in the warm-up... 4. Arcade press This exercise is a basic tool for strengthening the front head. We stand in line in the gym, press the dumbbells, try to touch the bar, and make an angle with your elbows. Make it a point to touch the bar in this exercise at all times, otherwise you risk getting dizzy... 5. Reverse hypers and other variations of this movement We perform various variants of the same movement. The widest ones are just straight arm lifts, but a smaller number of them. We lift the bar with a wide grip and do twists. 6. Bicycle We perform hyperextensions on the bars, but we also do twists with a narrow grip. Sometimes, when we just want to tone our back and improve our posture, we just want

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